Updated: Nov 9, 2020

CBD is fast gaining popularity, and so is the CBD powered hookah. Hookah is used to vaporize consumable products. CBD powered shisha combines our full-spectrum hemp oil with smooth flavors. It is not in any way like the traditional shisha you know. For instance, it is tobacco and nicotine-free. However, it requires the base components of shisha, such as sugar cane, tea,

or fruit leaves. This means you get to enjoy the great flavor options of shisha.

Since there is an infusion of CBD, you can sit back and enjoy the relaxation shisha is known for. The CBD herbal shisha is just like any other CBD product because all the buzz, dizziness, and drowsy feelings are not there.

As you inhale the hookah, air passes through the burning coal forcefully. It journeys to the head of the hookah or bowl where the shisha is held alongside the CBD. The coal vaporizes the CBD and passes it down the body tube sealed with a water jar. The vapor loses its heat while bubbling up the water jar. The vapor passes through the hose(s) at the upper part of the jar. CBD is conventionally mechanized by an inbuilt coil and battery. Hookahs are built to different shapes, sizes, and styles of use.

We have several CBD powered hookah flavors. Some of our most sought-for flavor options include double apple, blueberry mint, going grape, pink lemonade, and so on.

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