Updated: Nov 9, 2020

What do you prefer to call it? Is it joint or cigarette? Even if it is our much-favored pre-roll, you are correct. Our CBD pre-rolls are made from hemp buds. To prevent the lowered quality of pre-rolls, we remove the pieces of stems and leaves that harvesters may have cut with the flowers while harvesting the buds.

During the production of our CBD pre-rolls, we make use of pre-packed hemp flowers known as “shake.” Our shakes are collected and added to pre-rolled papers used to make the high-quality pre-rolls you can enjoy. We do so by making use of only non-toxic papers for our rolls.

We make our CBD pre-rolls to be pure, user-friendly, and portable. They contain only hemp flowers without any other ingredient. More importantly, our CBD cigarettes burn evenly all the way to its crutch. The smoking of joint is one of the most existing and convenient ways to enjoy our CBD hemp flower. It has the intended calming effect that CBD is much revered for.

With regards to our reputation for providing a top-shelf variety of CBD products, our CBD pre-rolls are not left out. That is why they are available on sale in different hemp strains. Our strains carry different aromas to suit the relaxation they proffer.

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